Multi monitor setup in Linux (with a minimal window manager)

One of the good things from a Desktop Environment in Linux is, that it helps you setting up many aspects of your Desktop. However, as some of you might know, I have made the switch from Gnome3 to i3wm. It was the first time I tried a tiling window manager, but the ride has been good for the past 6 months.

Recover lost files in Linux

Help! (again)

During my around-the-world trip I made a lot of photos. Of course, I am a good boy, so I uploaded them all to dropbox whenever there was an oppertunity. However, at some point disaster striked, and I was left with a 8Gb sd card which did not work anymore. How bad can things get.

So first there are 2 important steps to not loose your pictures:

Test your Antivirus (Fireclam)

When using an antivirus solution make sure it is tested and does protect you. For Fireclam I needed a testfile to check how it works. Read on to see how you can test it.

Since Online Banking in the Netherlands requires you to have an up-to-date anti-virus solution, I decided to install clamav. Of course, this is not super important on my Linux computers (especially since mine are ArchLinux and thus up-to-date).

Find which jar file contains a class

Very handy to know... how to find out which jar file to include in a project to make your imports work. The answer is simple... search which jar file implements that class. I use the following bash function for this:

for f in `find . -name '*.jar'`; do echo $f && jar tvf $f | grep -i "$1"; done

This will search all jars in all subfolders for the text provided in $1!

Hope it helps!

ArchLinux and ownCloud: CSync failed to create a lock file

This time a short how-to about solving the csync error for the ownCloud client on Archlinux.

Every now and again the ownCloud client does not want to contect anymore due to the following error:
CSync failed to create a lock file

The issue seems to be easily solved by removing the lock-file, as suggested (for example) here and here. However, these folders and files do not exist in ArchLinux.

How to grow a ZFS storage in Nas4Free

Nas4Free is a great Nas Operation System which works extremely well with the ZFS filesystem. ZFS is a very powerful filesystem (or actually it is more like a combination of a file system and a logical volume manager). It has many great features, but it is not very strong in expanding its pool (when compared to Readynas' XRAID).

My .gitignore file

For future reference. This is the place I will post / update my .gitignore file. At this moment the file is used in project containing:
- Latex
- C++ with Qt
My GIT code is in Great service!
Then... the code:

# In repository we don't need to have:
# Compiled object files

# Generated MOC, resource and UI files

# Qt User Project files

Install LastPass on ArchLinux

Installing the offline application of LastPass in ArchLinux is not too easy for those who do not want to puzzle a bit.

First you need to download the right version of LastPass. You can download it via [ -> Download -> Linux -> LastPass Pocket (Ubuntu/Debian) :: DOWNLOAD 64bits] or via this link.

Make sure you have the Ubuntu/Debian version!

After the download, unpack the tar.bz2 package:


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