Automatically mount a folder over ssh

For my xen server I was looking for a nice and automatic way to mount a folder from one virtual machine in the other. Xen itself does not have an environment for this, luckily we can deploy ssh for it.

So how do we do this? When doing a search (on Google) it came with with methods to do this via the fstab (/etc/fstab). My problem was however, that I just could not get that to work. I have no idea why, but it didn't in the end. Therefore I searched for and found a different method to do so!

Update drupal to 6.x

Again a blog post to make sure my mind can remember what needs to be done... in case I want to update a drupal installation. As a source I used the video on The text below is a summary of that video.

If you want to upgrade from drupal 4.x, then first upgrade to 5.x. Only then start to follow this guide.

Some advice

Let us start with some well meant advice:

Git on Debian Lenny

Hi there again. This time I will install git (source code versioning system) on a Debian Lenny server. In my case it is in a virutaul machine on xen. However, there should be no difference with different environments.

Well, basicaly I followed the instruction on this link:

Installing the Elo Touchscreen Serial Driver

These notes describe how to install the ELO 1747 touchscreen with a serial interface in Debian Lenny (and probably Ubuntu 8.04 as well). The description provided by ELO is good, but misses some details and is hard to read. Therefore this guide here.

Note that most information is from the README that comes with the ELO driver!

Step 1

First download the driver source here. Extract them and put them somewhere, where you can find them.

Backup and restore debian/ubuntu package selection

If you are running Debian and have lost track of which packages you are running, it could be useful to get a backup of your currently installed packages. You can get a list by running:

dpkg --get-selections > debianlist.txt

This will put the entire list in debianlist.txt. You could then install the same packages on a different computer with:

Unmount busy drives

Ever tried to umount some storage device which kept being "busy"? Well, this is the way to find which program is keeping it busy:

lsof +D /mnt/windows

This will return the command and process ID of any tasks currently accessing the /mnt/windows directory. You can then locate them, or use the kill command to finish them off.


Improved EeePC

 As you might remember from my previous post; I tried to change the language of Xandros on the Eeepc from Dutch to English. Well, it appeared to work, but in the end... nothing worked anymore!

So I had to do something and I did! I installed a real and decent operating system on this little friend of mine. After a short seaarch on the internet I decided that I wanted Debian on it, but I also noticed that it would take me a lot of time to get that running in the best way. Therefore I decided to download and install eeebuntu.

Mount a folder or filesystem over ssh in Debian

This is defenitely a trivial thing, but always nice to find again after a reinstall of my debian box (I like to play with that). Anyway, here we go again;

We start by installing the sshfs package with its dependancies:

   sudo aptitude install sshfs

Let it be installed. After the install you will find that it does not yet work as promissed. We still have to change some rights to make it possible for a normal user to mount the drive. Therefore we open the file 'groups' in our favorite editor:


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